Rachel Beauchamp has article, “Amended Rule 5.04, What is it Good For?” featured in Fall 2016 issue of the Minnesota Defense magazine.

The Fall 2016 issue of the Minnesota Defense magazine features an article by Rachel Beauchamp titled “Amended Rule 5.04, What is it Good For?”

In the article, Beauchamp discusses the 2013 revisions to the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure regarding the timeframe to file a “pocket-served” lawsuit and the first Minnesota Supreme Court cases interpreting the new Rule. Specifically, Beauchamp addresses the hopes and goals of the rule, its application since enactment, and its new interpretations as a result of the Supreme Court’s interpretation.

Beauchamp ends the article with practical strategies for defense attorneys to utilize the Rule now that there is additional guidance available. Minnesota Defense is the magazine for the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association and the Fall 2014 article can be found here.