CVMM Congratulates Meaghan Bryan and Peter Lindberg for Securing Official Immunity for The State of Minnesota Following a Four-Day Jury Trial.

Meaghan Bryan and attorney Peter Lindberg were proud to defend a former Minnesota State Patrol Trooper who was involved in a motor vehicle accident when he entered an intersection against a red light and collided with another vehicle, allegedly causing the death of one of the vehicle’s occupants.  Before trial, Bryan filed a motion for summary judgment on official immunity grounds, which was denied because there was a factual dispute over whether the Trooper sounded his siren prior to entering the intersection.  The matter proceeded to a jury trial in Ramsey County, and, after testimony from many fact witnesses and two expert witnesses, the jury found that the Trooper had sounded his siren before entering the intersection; and he and the State of Minnesota were immune from liability.  It was truly a pleasure to assist the Trooper and the State of Minnesota to obtain a favorable result notwithstanding the complicated public sentiment toward law enforcement in the Twin Cities.