CVMM Congratulates Shareholder Christopher Malone On A Directed Verdict After A Four Day Jury Trial.

Shareholder Christopher Malone was proud to defend Muska Plumbing from claims that it was negligent with regards to the safety of its employee, Plaintiff Kane Knutson, while working at Hawkins Chemical.  After testimony from many fact witnesses and two expert witnesses, the judge ruled that Muska was not negligent as a matter of law because Hawkins Chemical had the sole ability to control the worksite and warn of any potential hazards.  The jury proceeded to find liability against Hawkins Chemical and awarded over $2.2 million for Kane Knutson’s personal injuries.  It was a pleasure to assist our client through the defense of this stressful case and we were very happy they received the peace of mind that comes from the judge agreeing that they acted appropriately and without negligence.