Michael Lindberg Obtains Defense Verdict In Aviation Commercial Dispute

CVMM lawyer Michael Lindberg successfully defended an aircraft renovation business in a four-day jury trial in Dakota County, Minnesota with the assistance of CVMM associate Peter Lindberg .  A wealthy businessman engaged CVMM’s client to renovate a 54-year-old airplane, including installation of a new engine, propeller, cowling, lighting, and cockpit instruments.  During the ten months of work, unknown discrepancies were discovered, discussed with the aircraft owner, and corrected.  Unfortunately, the new propeller was slightly damaged in a test flight, so the CVMM client paid for a repair.  The owner sued, alleging that he had been overcharged; that the aircraft was not airworthy because FAA documentation was incomplete and improper replacement parts were installed; and that the new engine needed to be overhauled because of the propeller damage, which resulted in diminution of the airplane’s value.  The jury rejected all of the plaintiff’s claims, finding no breach of contract, no negligence, and no money damages.