Rachel B. Beauchamp Presents at MDLA Winter Conference

On Saturday January 25, 2020, Rachel B. Beauchamp was a presenter, along with other attorneys and industry experts, at the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association Winter Conference.  Beauchamp’s presentation was titled “Defense Against the Dark Arts: Motion Practice in Commercial Trucking Defense.  Beauchamp’s presentation focused on both the practical and theoretical aspects of motion practice in Commercial Trucking and how it is different from standard two-car motor vehicle accident defense.  Her presentation addressed the most common motions being handled in trucking litigation today, and discussed the strategic benefits that motions can bring to commercial trucking cases.  Beauchamp urged attorneys and insurers not to fear the expense or time of motion practice because it can provide valuable information and strategic benefits.  She recommended the use of judicious motion practice as a substantive legal tool to defend clients’ rights, protect against plaintiff harassment, to change the landscape of large litigation, and explained that good motion practice can change the defense side of commercial trucking from reactive to proactive.